Benefits: Advertisers

Regardless of size, from a family run business to a multinational corporation, your concerns, when purchasing media, are exactly the same. The money you allocate for advertising in media is vital to your business and you look to get a return on investment. The following is the list of ways membership with the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) can benefit you: 

  • Access to all historic data and trend reporting via our simple to use eData system

  • Have your voice heard on media auditing, accountability and protection of vital advertising spend 

  • Gain access to accountability-minded publishers and make safe media purchasing deals    

  • Stay informed, in an ever-changing media environment, on issues directly affecting your advertising spend and performance


Advertisers Driving Accountability

Advertisers, some 80 years ago, band together, with like-minded publishers, in driving the establishment of the ABC. This movement was mirrored across the developed world, with advertisers calling for accountability in publisher circulation and distribution claims.

Today, the issue of accountability is still just as important as media landscapes are ever changing, the amount of players is increasing and media scams target Australian businesses. Advertising in audited media assures you:

  • Get the audience you paid for

  • Eliminate the risk of wasting money on a misdirected campaign

  • Eliminate the risk of advertising in a publication that doesn't exist

  • Eliminate media scammers (publications that don't exist)

  • Continue driving and setting industry standards - maintaining the industry's health

When you join the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) your membership tells the print media in which you advertise that you demand the accuracy of audited circulation figures to justify your ad spend.

Membership helps guarantee that publishers will continue to seek verification of their circulation and supply audited data to the industry.

The AMAA supply you with the unbiased, verified information you need to make better-informed media buying decisions.

Are you interested in access to verified media data for magazines, newspapers, digital publications, websites and events? 

If yes, then the AMAA is the industry body for you. Contact the CEO at