About us

Ever since advertisers first called for greater scrutiny of publishers' circulation claims  in the early 1930s, the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA), has built a range of audit services to meet the needs of the media industry. These include:


Leading Australia in media auditing

The Boards and Committees through members consultation, set auditing rules, and organisational policies and are comprised of representatives from advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers.

Each medium has its own reporting format, provided by either the ABC or CAB brand, designed to enable clear meaningful access to all data relevant to that medium.

The benefits of membership to the AMAA include:

  • Increase credibility through independent audit

  • Deliver circulation data to key decision makers

  • Gain a competitve edge over unaudited publications

  • Access valuable industry information

  • Maximise sales opportunities using the AMAA's marketing services and tools

  • Join industry organisations setting the standard in media accountability

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Media Audit Audit Division (MAD)

The AMAA is also home to the Media Audit Division (MAD). The internal audit team gives our publisher members the opportunity to have their publications audited at a fraction of the cost of completing it elsewhere. Furthermore, this internal audit team are best equiped to fully understand the rules, guidelines and standards in completing an audit. This means a stress-free and efficient audit is conducted.

The AMAA provides media audit services for a wide range of media, including print and consumer publications, free and controlled magazines, newspapers, exhibition and conference organisers, providers of email newsletters and digital publications, unaddressed distribution providers and websites.

Each medium has its own reporting format, provided by either the ABC or CAB brand, designed to enable easy access and analysis.

What does audited media mean for you?

If you are an advertiser, audited media means your agency can deliver media products for your selection with confidence, knowing the sales or distribution of print products has been tested through a rigorous census-based audit process. For digital media and exhibitions you can rely on information verified by the AMAA to deliver verified proof of audience.

If you are a Media Buyer, audited media data means you have access to information about media products that has been tested through a rigorous audit process. You can be sure of the audience you are targeting and delivering to your client, the advertiser.

If you are a media provider, having the distribution, reach, and attendance of your product audited means you can deliver independently verified data about your product directly to media buyers and advertisers when they need it. You also have access to intelligent data about your specific market, helping you to better analyse and understand trends.