Sydney : Digital Disruption X 2016

Digital Disruption X in 2015 marked a shift in the collective consciousness of businesses. No longer was disruption a mythical buzz word concocted to stir up fear, but a general state of business reality in world governed by technology.

Disruption isn’t about technology, its about the velocity of change. As part of Digital Transformation Week, Digital Disruption X 2016 will focus on the velocity of disruption, setting up your organisation for the new state of business and how you can leverage disruption to grow. And the key to staying ahead of the curve, depends on keeping up with the pace of change. One year on, the 2nd Digital Disruption X 2016 Primary focus areas include:

  • Embedding speed to improve product and speed to market
  • Building partnerships to foster innovation
  • Creating a culture for innovation and empowering employees to be entrepreneurs

22 Mar 2016 - 23 Mar 2016
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02 9229 1000
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