Nunn Media's Chris Walton: 'We strongly recommend staying in the audit'

For smaller publishers thinking about following the lead of Australia’s big three and their withdrawal from the ABC audit late last year, Managing Director of media agency Nunn Media Chris Walton has some stern advice: don’t. Read what Chris has to say here.

Luxury Travel's Richard Bunting: 'It's a no-brainer to keep the audit'

Early this year, Richard Bunting, Managing Editor and General Manager of Luxury Travel Magazine contemplated withdrawing the publication from the CAB audit. However, when he met with clients and their agencies, the advice to stay was unanimous. 

From Mumbrella's Publish Conference: Why circulation matters

Circulation and readership are the two key print metrics for the industry so it was to be expected they would be a topic of conversation at last week’s Mumbrella Publish conference. I joined the day’s closing panel and the discussion quickly moved from fake news and fake views to the metrics and their accuracy.

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