AMAA Website Audit delivering trust & accountability


Back-up your website claims with verified and industry credible audited data with the AMAA's audited website measurement service. With more than 90 sites now reporting data every month find out more about how you can audited web data to your media kit. 

Combining industry agreed metrics, a rigorous audit framework and world-class technologies the service provides accuracy and trust for those engaged in buying and selling advertising on the web. Protect your clients’ advertising spend.  Metrics reported include average daily unique browsers, page impressions and session data such as average page duration and time spent.

The AMAA’s audited website data is published on the 9th of each month and is available through the eData portal for members and to anyone through the QuickFind data resource. 

For $110 per month for sites of up to 500,000 PI per month you could be displaying the AMAA Orange Tick on your website, media kits and all your promotional materials. And, there is no restriction on the size of the site that can be successfully reported.

Ask how the AMAA Audited Website Measurement Service can benefit you today.

Email Heather Craven or phone 02 8912 6001.

Date: 05 Feb 2015

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