It's back! Email Audits add a new dimension for members


Email newsletter audit rules have been updated now enabling all AMAA members to provide figures on the distribution of email newsletters. 

AMAA members can now add audited email newsletter distribution figures to their reporting suite. The updated audit is available for ABC and CAB audited publications to audited websites, exhibitions and conferences. 

How does the audit work?

  1. The publisher registers the email newsletter
  2. The publisher nominates the first audit period
  3. The publisher completes the Claim form and provides data to the AMAA audit team to complete the audit
  4. Audit Certificate is issued

Q: How often do you have to audit?
A: The minimum is two times per year with options to audit four or six times if the publisher requests.   

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $175 annually to register an email newsletter and audit fees are $770 for 2 audits. Download a form and register today.

Q: When can I audit my newsletter?
A: Anytime – publishers can register their newsletter and audit straight away. The AMAA’s Audit Division will work with the publisher on the audit timetable.

Q: What is reported?
A: The audit certificate reports the Average Net Delivery per issue for email newsletters.  The audit verifies the number of opt-in email addresses distributed per issue less excluded distribution and reports the average in the audit period. The certificate also identifies the audit period covered, number of issues audited and published in 12-months, publisher details and includes logos for the email brand and publisher.

Q: Are there any other optional metrics?
A:  Yes, publishers can also report Average Open Rate, Average Click Through Rate and audited demographic data such as Job Title analysis and Industry Category analysis where requested.

Q: Where can I find information about the audit?
A:  You can find out more about the AMAA’s Email Newsletter Audit on the website; here.


Date: 05 Feb 2015

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