AiMCO updates Code of Practice


The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) has today released an update to the Guide to Gifting and Ad Disclosure. AiMCO was established to drive trust, accountability, and transparency in the growing sector of Australian influencer marketing with the Code of Practice, launched in July 2020, to provide a set of working practices to support brands, agencies, and creators.

The updates to the Code were informed by the recent changes to the AANA’s Code of Ethics, its implementation through Ad Standards and the recent reports on consumer complaints issued by the Ad Standards Community Panel.

AiMCO’s updated Code of Practice promotes clear, unambiguous declarations.
The changes to the Code centre around Clause 2, Advertising Disclosure and include:
• Updating AiMCO’s best practice recommendations in alignment with changes to the AANA Code of Ethics; and
• Ensuring awareness that disclosure relates to all engagements including paid or contracted, gifts, value-in-kind, and affiliate
AiMCO’s Best Practice Working Group reviewed the updated AANA Code of Ethics and recent rulings by Ad Standards, mindful of ensuring alignment and of providing clarity for the industry.

AIMCO Chair, Detch Singh, Founder & CEO Hypetap commented: "The support of AiMCO’s membership through our best practice working group has been incredible, with more than 15 member companies actively involved in this process. AiMCO will continue to work with our community to execute an agenda of strengthening confidence in the category for marketers, creators and the general public."

Given gifts and value-in-kind has been raised as a grey area, AiMCO has developed a Guide to Gifting and Ad Disclosure to clearly articulate how to disclose and providing examples. The guide has been developed to help minimise reputational risks to both creators and brands by failing to meet ad disclosure requirements as delineated by the Ad Standards compliant review process, and most importantly to ensure adherence to Australian consumer law.

Tegan Borman of Social Law Co, a member on the Best Practice Working Group said: "The 2021 updates to the AANA Code of Ethics and supporting Practice Note have had a significant Impact on how complaints in relation to Influencer marketing campaigns have since been determined by the Ad Standards Community Panel. It's been a pleasure to work collaboratively with the Industry to revise the AIMCO Code of Practice and create the Guide to Gifting and Ad Disclosure to reflect these changes, and to provide useful guidance and case examples to empower and support those working within the Industry to create transparent influencer marketing campaigns."

Now with more than 60 members, AiMCO supports the industry in providing best practice guidance and ensuring a common voice for the thriving channel. Members on AiMCO’s Guiding Council along with four active Working Groups collaborate to address the needs of this growing media channel.

The Code clearly articulates the areas of responsibility and proposed requirements for all involved in the influencer marketing ecosystem. The Code spans influencer vetting, advertising disclosure, and contractual considerations including content rights usage and reporting metrics.

The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice has been specifically designed for Australia, but with global considerations, to extend confidence in influencer marketing by establishing a common language and providing clear guidance. The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice will evolve as the influencer marketing landscape continues to develop.

Date: 11 Aug 2021

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