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A changing landscape - AMAA moves to support industry

As the rapidly-evolving media landscape continues to shift, the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) is ensuring it moves alongside the changes to support its industry partners.

Having provided robust, independent third-party measurement to hundreds of publishers in need of print title audits since 1932, today, leading audit body AMAA has revealed that metro newspapers published by Australian Community Media, Nine Entertainment Group and West Australian Newspapers are moving to private auditing by the AMAA. This move acknowledges the changing marketplace forpublishers as they focus on multi-platform audience measurement.

The AMAA currently provides audit services for 700 media brands across ABC & CAB print, digital and events either as a publicly reported metric or as non-reported audited data. The AMAA provides the required audited data to IPSOS for the emma print readership within the cross-platform audience metrics.

CEO of AMAA Josanne Ryan said the AMAA, which aims to ensure there is a layer of accountability within the metrics that the industry relies on for assessing advertising commitments, recognises the changing media landscape and the focus on the cross-platform audience metrics.

“The AMAA is evolving its services to support the changing media reporting landscape where audience metrics are the primary metric,” Ryan said.

“The AMAA continues to advance how it works with publishers, large and small, to support them with audited metrics that work for their business and we will continue to work closely with our industry partners.”

News Corp already has titles privately audited by AMAA, having opted out of public facing data two years ago.

Despite the shift to step away from publicly facing print audits, the demand is still high for publishers to have access to media audit services to support audience metrics, and to share with advertisers, especially large brands and government who demand it.

Ryan stressed that member publishers continue to recognise the importance of independently audited data, within a consistent rule framework, to underpin the veracity of the industry’s readership metrics and ensure transparency for marketers.

ABC public reporting, which verifies the paid circulation per issue of a publication, across both print and digital versions in a defined audit period, continues to include regional newspapers and country press, along with some overseas newspapers, indigenous and community language publications and magazines.

Alongside the AMAA’s robust auditing methods - something the industry is in need of more than ever - the AMAA is also focused on a new data privacy risk service for members, which will soon be revealed.

In addition, the AMAA is also engaged in a project decoding best practice for the influencer marketplace.

“The AMAA is proud of its legacy and core products and services rooted in transparency and we’re pleased to soon be rolling out new offerings that serve the industry in transparency and accountability.” Ryan added.

“Stay tuned as there's much more to come from the AMAA.”

About AMAA
The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) is the industry’s accountability body governed by a
representative Board from the media, marketing and media agency membership.
For more information, please contact:
Josanne Ryan CEO, 02 9954 9800

Date: 16 Aug 2019

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