AMAA commences reporting auto refresh figures


The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) announced today that it has commenced reporting auto-refresh activity alongside its suite of audited website measurement metrics. The association looks to deliver further reporting and transparency for online publishers and advertisers when selling and buying advertising.

The auto-refresh number is separate of other audited website measurement metrics and sits alongside Average Daily Unique Browsers, Page Impressions, time on site and page duration figures.

Ricky Chanana, National Digital and Trading Director at Maxus and Chair of the Digital Working Committee at the AMAA, explains the importance of reporting auto-refresh.

“Bringing transparency to auto-refresh activity deals with an important issue that has troubled the industry for many years. Media buyers will now be able to use the AMAA platform to make better-informed decisions with improved visibility of auto-refresh traffic as a separate metric.”

As of April, all members are reporting a zero auto-refresh figure. For access to the latest report please contact the AMAA via

Media Contact:

Paul Dovas

Chief Executive Officer

02 8912 6007


The Audited Media Association of Australia is a not-for-profit industry organisation that brings together advertisers, media buyers and media company members with a common interest in accountability. The AMAA has an impressive 80-year history delivering media accountability and provides audited media data, standards and information services vital to the advertising industry. The AMAA independently verifies print and digital circulation and distribution, website analytics, exhibition and conference attendance and email newsletter distribution. Further information is available at

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Date: 09 Apr 2014

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