AMAA CEO re-elected to international board


At this year’s general assembly held in San Francisco in November, Josanne Ryan, AMAA CEO was re-elected to the executive board of the IFABC for a second two-year term. The federation is the voluntary federation of industry-sponsored organisations that have been established in nations throughout the world. It’s remit is the support of accountability and transparency in international media auditing for the benefit of advertisers and media agencies.

The organisation spans all media channels with a strong focus on digital, with more than 36 countries involved reflecting the diversity of the media industry and mass digitisation of media.

Industry level certification strengthens each part of the media brand value chain and allows the whole to be greater than the sum of their parts, delivering the ability to compare different media vehicles more consistently and building greater trust, transparency and accountability in advertising investment.

Josanne is able to bring learnings about global media and accountability issues to the AMAA and its members while sharing information about the Australian media landscape.

A debrief from the General Assembly will be shared with members in our next newsletter.

Date: 07 Dec 2018

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