25 years with the AMAA/ABC/CAB


Sue Pemberton celebrates 25 yearsIn January 2015, Sue Pemberton, the AMAA Office and Accounts Manager marked 25 years with the association. Whether its in greeting or chasing you for payment every member has spoken to Sue at some point.

Sue, who has been the ‘voice’ of the association for all that time, answering the phone, handling the accounts and managing the office, said when she first started at the bureau there were just two in the office, herself and former CEO Gloria Jarman. 

Then, Sue, was the one who did all the data entry for the circulation figures and checked and double checked the figures along with whatever else was required as the PA to the CEO.

The office has grown over the years Sue has been with the association.

“The first additional staff in the office were marketing personnel to initiate surveys to gain feedback on the audit processes. They did their job and moved on but their work opened up new avenues for growth for the organisation. It helped us understand the value of on-site or in-house auditors via externally employed auditors,” Sue said.

“Today, we have a team of seven in the office, including the audit team of five; a long way from just two.”

In her role Sue has seen some big changes and people come and go.

“I’ve certainly met some interesting people. When we have the AGMs all the Board members come so I’ve met and seen a wide and diverse range of notable industry figures over the years.”

And of course over 25 years many funny things have happened too. 

“A funny incident I always think about was when we had one of our ABC board meetings and we had invited one our members to join us. We had ordered lunch for everyone (meat pies) only to find out our guest was a vegetarian. So there I was raiding the fridge for salads, and anything potentially vegetarian. (We were sharing an office at the time with two other industry bodies so the search proved fruitful!)”

When Sue first came to Australia (from the UK via New Zealand where her parents emigrated), she worked for James Hardie Industries whose offices were located at 65 York St, Sydney, so she said it was strange to move back to that location last year.

“I’ve come full circle. We’re now at 63 York Street which is right next door. That’s a strange turn-up after all this time.”

Date: 05 Feb 2015

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